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Moving Through Our Obstacles

You may or may not have heard yet, but big changes have happened in my life. After 2 years, I finished my Level 4 training with Numa Somatics for Conscsious Breathwork. Once I finish all my follow up work I will be a Facilitator. During this training we were asked to let go of something that has been holding us back. Mine was procrastination. Since I was a child if I came against something that felt uncomfortable or that I was unsure about, I would put it off. Thinking the solution would come to me. Sometimes it did, many time however, every time I thought about the "task" I would feel more uncomfortable & stressed about getting it done. At the last hour I always would come up with a solution, or get the energy to get it done, because another part of me does not like failing at what I had committed to doing (I believe this is part of the work ethic I learned from my Father). I always seem to get an shot of inspiration at the 11th hour & with a lot of focused work, & stress, I'd get it done.

Now, it has worked for me over the years, in an exhausting sort of way, & part of me was afraid if I let procrastination go, would I still be able to become "inspired" without it?

In my training, when we were asked to let go of this part of ourselves, we were to see what would take us forward. Mine was action. Over the 5 days of training, we kept coming back to this after experiencing our breathwork sessions, that are a way to help those things were are holding onto to surface, move through us & yes, sometimes to let go of. By the end of the last day, I felt more comfortable with letting go of this pattern of procrastination & to take action on things in more real time. Cutting out the stress & wasted time thinking about the things I needed to do & just do them!

This brings me to the main big thing that has changed in my life. I was offered the job to be the Studio Manager of YogaMcc. Now, I did take time to think about it. Not to procrastinate, but to discuss with my family how this would affect us all, to make sure they were all on board & to sit with what this means for our lives going forward. This felt so much different than my procrastination pattern, it felt that I was taking the time to make a considered decision. So long story short, I took the job & began training last week with Jodi. This new challenge feels right & everything feels as if it is falling into place, as it does when it fits your life.

So by letting go of something that didn't serve me, I made room for something that did. A new perspective, a new opportunity & a new job. How this will all work out is yet to be decided, but I am not afraid of the decisions & challenges that I will undoubtably face. I am excited & ready to work hard, get inspired & add to YogaMcc a place that has given me so much all these years.

I realized that for almost 11 years I have called this space at YogaMcc a 2nd home. I already was caring for it as if I was managing it, so now if feels like all that intention & work has paid off. I am not perfect & know I will not do everything right. But I no longer feel like I am being held back by the monkey on my back that was procrastination. I feel like I can live the 3 P's I encourage my students to use patience, perseverance & practice.

When I hit an obsticle in the road, I know I can make my way through or around it to continue on my path. I don't have to get stuck in it or avoid it entirely. I can face it & see it for what it is, something that may challenge me, but won't let me stop myself from taking the journey. The obstacle in my path may change my direction, but I will do it consciously & will still keep going.

As a way to practice, just think of what is not working or serving you in your life. Take a deep breath in & on the exhale, imagine letting it go. You can even say the word in your mind as you exhale & on the inhale allow in the opposite, positive nature. ie: I exhale procrastination & allow in action. Repeat this simple mantra over & over as you connect to your breath. Exhale stress, inhale ease...exhale judgement, inhale compassion....exhale fatigue, inhale vitality.....

What is your mantra? Don't put it off, breathe it today!

Holiday Yoga & Sound Therapy- Cultivating Calm in the Christmas Chaos


Saturday, Dec 15, 2018 1-3 pm $50 or $35 with a donation to the YWCA + GST

with Anne Cox E-RYT 500 December can be one of our busiest months. Do you get crazy, run down and forget to make time for YOU?

Why don’t we try something new this holiday season? Plan to add in a little YOU time with gentle yoga, breath & sound!

The gentle yoga practice will prepare the body to receive the vibrations created through the use of singing bowls, drums, rattles, tuning forks & voice. You will be taken on a journey back to your true self and will leave rested & renewed.

Anne has experienced first-hand how healing sound & breath can be and wants to share her passion of sound with others as a way to experience it’s healing properties. Past traumas are held in our tissues, yoga, sound & breath can be simple yet profound ways to help allow these experiences to be processed to facilitate healing within ourselves.

Anne Cox E-RYT 500 has been using sound her whole life. Singing & music have been part of her life since childhood where she performed in recitals, plays & performances using her voice & piano. Years later she came back to her voice while in Yoga Teacher Training & then becoming involved in chant circles & somatic practices involving sound. She is now training in Sound Therapy & Numa Somatics Conscious Breathwork that uses sound as part of its therapy.

-- Namaste,

Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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