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I began making bolsters at the same time I became a teacher for the studio I first taught, Functional Synergy.  Over the years I have fine tuned the bolsters to a few styles that serve most students.  Go to YogaMcc for the amazing selection.  If you need something more customized, let me know and I can work with you.


For bulk orders of 10 or more or if you are a teacher, contact me directly regarding wholesale orders.  


ACYOGA hand-made, high quality, yoga products


In Yoga Therapy, we like our props!  They help you to find a pose that may not be possible without some support. You can use them as support in restorative poses & to help deepen your practice. Having your own props make having a home yoga practice more accessible. All products are hand made by ACYOGA, so you are supporting the local economy & they are beautiful so you won’t want to put them away (therefore, making a daily practice easier to do).  

If the yoga props are for your own personal use, I encourage you to go to: The Yoga & Meditation Centre in Marda Loop, 2028b 33Ave SW as they have an amazing range of yoga & meditation products for sale. Our bolsters, eyebags, yoga straps, mat straps, yoga mat bags, sandbags & dogbone pillows are for sale there.  


Go to for more information.

          Lg Oval Bolster                      Med & Sm Round Bolster                        Sandbag 

 Yoga Props


We make a wide range of Yoga props:  

bolsters, eyebags, sandbags, yoga straps, yoga mat straps & bags.  

For an assortment of yoga props go to YogaMcc for all your retail needs.  


If you are a yoga teacher or need a bulk order of 10 or more, fill out

the wholesale products contact form and we'll be happy to help you.  

Retail Products


YogaMcc has a wide range of meditation & yoga products like zafu's ane zabutons, and so much more.  

If you are a teacher and wanting some meditation products for your students, fill out the wholesale products contact form.  


Custom Made Products


All You have to do is ask!


If we don’t currently make it, we can custom make anything you need.


All you have to do is ask & we will do our best to accommodate you and your Yoga Business needs.

For Wholesale Enquires, Please fill in this form and we will have a representative contact you:

Wholesale Products


If you are a yoga or meditation teacher, & want to buy wholesale, then come directly through our website. We have wholesale & bulk pricing for those who need it.


Contact us directly for
more information & prices.  


If we don’t currently make it, we can custom make anything you need.  All you have to do is ask & we will do our best to accommodate you and your yoga product/supply needs. 

Use this form for Custom Built Product Enquiries:

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