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A few comments & compliments from our friends

From Angela  - Tight Aching Muscles

I had been searching for some relief from my tight aching muscles.  I had tried message, physical therapy and acupuncture but these only gave me short term relief.   When I went to Anne's class, I learned yoga exercises that would relieve my pain, and also stretches that I could do any time. 


Finally I have found what I was looking for!  I am forever grateful to Anne for giving me a pain-free life.

From Carolyn  - Better Back's and Yoga Thrive

Anne's yoga Better Back's and Yoga Thrive classes were instrumental in my recovery from breast cancer. They helped in dealing with the stress of work and my illness.


Anne is a wonderful teacher and is ever thoughtful and understanding of what her yoga students can handle in her classes. I highly recommend taking one of her classes. You will not be disappointed!

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From Ivan  - (going on 4 years with ACYOGA)
! permanent, debilitating injury = customized yoga class
= best decisions I have ever made !

“I was initially hesitant about enrolling in a yoga class.  As someone with a permanent, debilitating injury, I lost the ability to participate in sports and many forms of physical activity.


My doctor thought enrolling in a yoga class would be beneficial to me, so I searched the Internet looking for the right fit.  I then came across Anne's customized yoga class. 


At first, I had no idea what a customized class was,  but I decided to try a class to see if it was for me. That was 3 or 4 years ago.  Today, I am still enrolled in that class. During that time, I have absorbed and learned a lot of knowledge from Anne. She has thought me how to truly relax through focused breathing. She takes the time to find out what issues/injuries are affecting you and comes up with a customized program (or 2 in my case) for you to practice.


For me, the results have been positive. I have increased my flexibility and my range of motion, along with my strength. For those weeks when I am having a particularly rough patch, Anne has taught me to "honour and listen" to my body, by doing what I need to do to relax or feel at ease. That may include deviating from the programs Anne wrote for me, but that is just fine. Anne (and the other pupils in that class) do not judge you and that is what I love about that class. Another great thing with Anne's class is the time she takes to go around the room, talking to everyone as they are practicing their individual programs, offering advice on how to make the poses better, or less painful, etc.


As previously stated, I have learned a lot about my body and myself through the class and through Anne's guidance and instruction. Taking one of her classes has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My flexibility, strength and range of motion has increased and those results have not gone unnoticed by all of the practitioners responsible for my care.


Thank you Anne...thank you for all of the time, effort and support through these last few years. I look forward to learning even more from you in the upcoming years.”  
~ Ivan

From Sue - (20+ year yoga practitioner)
+8 years student of ACYOGA = Working with Anne is an inspiration

Working with Anne is an inspiration. She creates a warm, inviting, relaxed and genuinely inclusive atmosphere in her studio. She provides a challenging individual program that addresses my specific needs and goals.


This allows me to explore and progress on good days, but also to benefit from doing less on lower energy days. For example, if I am feeling unwell, it is perfectly okay to spend the whole time in restorative, relaxing poses.


Anne is incredibly flexible and responsive in these situations. If she notices that I am seeking this type of practice, she is there to discuss, guide and mentor me to make the most of my time in class.

Anne has an in-depth understanding of anatomy and the sometimes obscure relationships between various muscles, joints, facia and the rest. This coupled with her encyclopedic knowledge of yoga poses and sequences of poses allows her to guide her students on a path to improvements in mobility, pain reduction and recovery from injury and surgery, all of which I have experienced under her teaching.
I always leave Anne's customized therapeutic class feeling better, followed by a better than usual sleep. There is a reason that Anne has many loyal students that keep coming back year after year!

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