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“Sometimes the questions are complicated & the answers are simple”


~ Dr Seuss

“If you listen to you body’s whispers, you don’t have to hear it scream”


~ Unknown



Who is ACYOGA?

Formerly, Avani Designs, AC Yoga is a place where yoga is Accessible to all & affects your Core both physically & energetically.   Also, my name is Anne Cox, AC, so it seemed to fit with my Yoga lifestyle.  

What style of yoga do I teach?

It is a Hatha based style, physical exercises & breath control, with a Therapeutic focus. Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.  

I have been influence by many different styles of yoga, meditation, breath work & physical exercise, but when asked, I usually say I teach Anne Yoga (or AC YOGA).  What I mean is I teach from my experience of yoga & how it has helped me with the challenges I’ve experienced.  

I take that experience & share it with others, so it is unique to me as I hope your yoga practice becomes unique to you. 

"Less is More" is a great way of viewing this.  

The idea of building strength from the inside out & releasing tension from the outside in, you will leave class with new tools each week to take yoga into your daily life. 

Anne Cox  E-RYT 500

I’m a certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and have been teaching therapeutic focused classes since 2004.

My interest began when I  injured my back during a fall on the ice in 1997. That compounded with upper back tension that had been happening during my years sitting at a desk in the corporate world. After discovering a restorative style of yoga that helps alleviate pain, headaches & stress, in 2004 I finished my initial 500 hour teacher training with South Okanagan Yoga Academy

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In the years to come I furthered my training with Susi Hately in therapeutic yoga, Gert van Leeuwen in Critical Alignment Therapy, & numerous other renowned teachers including Gary Kraftsow, & David McAmmond, to name a few.


I teach from experience on how I helped my own body & the lessons learned working with students with back issues from disc degeneration & herniation, to tension that occurs from structural imbalance due to our sedentary lifestyles.

I have trained in a meditation technique called Yoga Nidra by Dr Richard Miller, he calls it iRest, & have further training in Pre & Post Natal Yoga.  Since 2005 I have worked with the Kinesiology department at the U of C doing research on the effects of yoga on cancer recurrence & prevention teaching Yoga Thrive & Yoga for Brain Cancer classes.  

Using a model of  mobility + strength = stability, along with breath & meditation techniques to destress, my teachings are accessible to all experience levels & abilities. My intention is to empower each student to learn how to move their own bodies in a way that is not forceful, but in keeping with a sense of balance & ease.

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