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So where & what do I teach?    


See below for my current classes & some descriptions to help find the right class for you.  

I am now teaching to Cochrane (where I now live).  So see below to see  what new classes I have running. 

All the classes below, are in Calgary and surrounding area.


Gentle Yoga for 60+ (registered)

MONDAY 9:45-11:00 am 

Next session January 9 - April 3 2023 12 wks $204 + gst 

Get on the Ball (drop-in)

MONDAY 12:00-1:00 pm 

Gentle Yoga for Strength (drop-in)
WEDNESDAY 9:30-11:00 am


Free Drop In Meditation (drop-in)

WEDNESDAY 11:15 -11:45 pm 

Restorative yoga  (drop-in)   
WEDNESDAY 7:15 - 8:30 pm

Healthy Backs (drop-in)
THURSDAY 5:30 pm - 6 pm

Yoga for Beginners (registered)

THURSDAY 7:15 - 8:30 pm 

Next sessions January 12 - February 16, 2023

April 13 - May 18, 2023 

6 weeks sessions $99 + gst 

Gentle Yoga for Strength
Modifications are made for limited mobility and special attention is paid to ensure a comfortable and safe practice.

Yoga poses focus on balance, strength & mobility. Benefits include management of arthritis pain & inflammation, improved sleep, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreasing anxiety & most importantly keeping connected to a like minded community.

Get on the Ball

In this 1 hour class we will be using different balls as props including massage balls, bender ball & stability ball.  With these props we will work on core strength, myfascial massage & opening the body in different ways each class combined with more traditional yoga poses. Make Mondays a day you look forward to so you start your week feeling grounded & rejuvenated.  


Free Drop In Meditation 

Come take some time mid week to come and sit together during this meditation period. Some guidance will be given each session to help support your practice & the development of mindfulness. Options will be given to use sound/mantra or silence during our time together. All levels welcome.

This offering is by donation, everything you need to be comfortable like bolsters and mats are provided, arrive on time as doors will close once session has begun.

Restorative Yoga

With the use of props, find poses to restore & rejuvenate the body & mind.   During the class, sound, breath & meditation (such as Yoga Nidra) will be used to help you leave behind stress & strain.   Come for a mid week healing class that will get you to Friday with more ease & energy.     

Yoga for Healthy Backs
Yoga has been demonstrably helpful in alleviating the back problems that so many people suffer from. There has been sophisticated research in this area and yoga is now considered by many medical practitioners to be amongst the most beneficial modalities in the treatment of a acute and chronic back conditions.


Over time, yoga can increase your strength and flexibility, effectively counteracting the tightness and weak muscles that cause many types of back pain.

Yoga for Beginners 

Have you been wanting to get moving again after this past year of feeling stuck in a holding pattern?
To kickstart your self care with tools to help release stress held in the body & mind?
To gain strength & mindfulness to keep you moving forward?

You don’t need to be flexible, or have any experience with yoga or meditation, just to have the desire to begin doing something just for you.

Enjoy learning the basics of yoga in this 6 week series. Yoga for Beginners is a great way to become familiar with the standard yoga poses and practices in a very non-intimidating way. This class is great for anyone who is brand new to yoga or hasn't been on the mat for a few years and wants a refresher. It's also a great option for students who want a slower class.

YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRE OF CALGARY   Marda Loop 2028b 33 Ave SW Calgary  
See or contact
403-251-YOGA (9642) for more information or to register.
Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre

All classes are registered, which help you to make a commitment to your health & wellbeing.  

Full props are supplied.  You are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


Gentle Yoga for Strength - (registered class)

TUESDAYS 7:15-8:30 pm 

IN PERSON SESSIONS for Winter/Spring 2023

February 28 - April 11 7 weeks 

May 2 - 30 (no class May 23) 6 weeks

June 6 - 27 4 weeks 


This yoga class is a safe environment to learn how to move our bodies in a way that will help strengthen our bones, tone our muscles and increase overall body awareness. Modifications are made for limited mobility and special attention is paid to ensure a comfortable and safe practice. In this 6-week series, learn tools to connect to yourself using breath, meditation & mindful movement. Yoga poses focus on balance, strength, mobility & release. Benefits may include management of arthritis pain & inflammation, improved sleep, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreasing anxiety & more importantly finding a connection to a like-minded community. The beauty of yoga is anyone of any ability can feel its benefits. To finish class, enjoy receiving a led meditation & Anne's voice as she shares a song or some sound leaving you feeling grounded & refreshed.

Instructor: Anne Cox

Location: Earth Studio

Prenatal Yoga  - (registered class)


March 7 - 28  4 weeks 

Pregnancy is a transitional time for women when many physical & emotional changes take place. Prenatal Yoga is about honoring these changes in ourselves and our body as we connect to baby throughout these nine months. Postures to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, keep the body flexible, alleviate many common discomforts of pregnancy, while finding focus through balance & the breath to connect mother and baby and prepare for a healthy, mindful, more natural approach to the challenges of labor and birth. Sharing information and knowledge with meditation/relaxation for a peaceful, calm state of mind. Share this time with other new moms, discuss common postpartum issues, and stretch the stiffness away!! 4 weeks

Yoga for Runners - (registered class)

April 18 - May 30 7 weeks Spring 2023


Running is a great way to stay fit, but can be hard on your body & joints.  

Yoga is a great way to combat the negative effects of running by increasing flexibility, & strengthening muscles & posture.   

This class is designed to strengthen & open the key muscles In the legs, hips, shoulders & core to improve stability & mobility.  Poses learned in class, will help you to recover after running by relieving soreness and tension in your hardworking muscles and restoring range of motion so you can get more distance with more ease the next time you run.  

This yoga practice will also have a focus on your joints, including your feet, the foundation of your body.  Find a practice that can help you avoid common injuries & maintain peak performance.  

Also included will be breathing practices that will help you run longer with more mental clarity & massage techniques that will help reduce pain & inflammation to recover quicker.  


Instructor: Anne Cox

Location: Earth Studio 

To register to go

Set up an account.  Then go to registered classes, dryland classes & sign up & process the payment.  

Private Yoga Therapy: 
Contact us directly for more details - click here

Would you prefer a more one on one approach to yoga?   


Do you find it difficult to get to a yoga class?  

Are you looking to deepen your practice with some personal attention that is harder to find in a class setting? 


Then private yoga sessions may be for you.

Private session can be in the comfort of your own home, via zoom, at Frank Wills Hall in Cochrane 405 1 St E or The Yoga & Meditation Centre 2028b 33 Ave SW (limited availability), if you would prefer.  

Private session are for 1-3 people & are 1.25 - 1.5 hrs in length. 

The initial assessment is 1.5 hr.   


Cost is $100 including GST/session (multiple class discount rates are available, please inquire).  Price includes a written program to help guide you to continue what you learned, on your own.   Also, the ability to contact me by phone, email or Skype for question or concerns at anytime after the session. 

Contact ACYOGA directly for more details - click here

Lunchtime Yoga for Back Health (registered)
TUESDAY 12:00 - 1:00 pm   

2 - 7 week IN PERSON SESSIONS for Winter/Spring 2023

$98 including gst

February 28 - April 11

April 18 - May 30

(can be prorated if joining after start date) 

4 week session 

June 6 - 27

NOTE: Classes are online using zoom.  As an added bonus you receive the recording to view for 1 week, to do anytime you like. So if you miss the live class, you can still attend.  

Want to try out a class? 1x first class is FREE

This is an all levels class, focused on how to help prevent back pain and how to encourage the body to heal from injury.  Imbalances happen in our culture of sitting in chairs, that can cause pain & even injury to the back. With these imbalance, something as simple as picking up a suitcase can cause your back to be injured. Focus will be on stretching tight muscles & releasing tension while strengthening key areas, including the core, to help find balance.  No yoga experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn safe & gentle ways to move the body that can be taken into your daily life to find long term benefits for your back. The class will include ways to destress with breath & simple meditation, as well as movement.  

Using the ideas of mobility + strength = stability will help you bring a newfound balance in the body that your back will thank you for.

Contact ACYOGA directly for registration - click here

Contact us directly for registration - click here
Workshops & Trainings:  
Contact us directly for more details - click here

Yoga for a Healthy Back - Spring Edition
Spring is just around the corner, and so are many of our favourite activities, golf, gardening, hiking, biking, pickle ball…the list goes on. Is your back ready for all this movement again? Would you like to learn how to avoid the pain that can occur once we start to become more active again? Want to get stronger and more mobile so you can enjoy all the activities you love to do?

Join Anne Cox E-RYT for this comprehensive workshop to see how a gentle yoga practice can help alleviate many back pain issues and help you do all the things you want without the pain afterwards. 

Back pain can happen to the best of us, when an imbalance occurs from tight or weak muscles that are suddenly asked to bear a load. In this state, the simplest of movements can injure your back. Our bodies were made to move and when we don’t move them enough, then suddenly ask it to do something active, this is a recipe for pain.

This workshop will focus on stretching tight muscles and releasing tension while strengthening key areas, including the core. Using the philosophy of mobility + strength = stability it will help you bring a newfound balance in the body that your back will thank you for.

No yoga experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn safe and gentle ways to move the body that can be taken into your daily life to find long term benefits for your back.

Also included will be breath & meditation practices, as well as mindful movement, that will be customized according to the activity you want to start again this spring.

Anne Cox E-RYT 500, a certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance that has been teaching therapeutic focused classes since 2004. Her interest began when working at a desk job, she fell & injured her back in 1997. Soon after she discovered yoga & it’s healing affects. She teaches from experience on how she helped her own body & the lessons learned working with students with back issues from disc degeneration & herniation, to tension that occurs from structural imbalance due to our sedentary lifestyles. Her teachings are accessible to all experience levels & abilities. Her intention is to empower the students to learn how to move their own bodies in a way that is not forceful, but in keeping with a sense of balance & ease.

Saturday, March 18, 2023 | 1-4 pm | $55 +gst

NOTE: Please choose In Studio or Virtual at time of registration.

A recording, for anyone absent will be available for 1 week to view.

50 hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

In our busy lives, it’s important to take time to rest. A restorative yoga practice is a wonderful way to bring balance back to your system & allow you to fully rest & restore yourself completely.


Measurable results of relaxation include reduction of blood pressure, muscle tension and fatigue, improvement of immune function, digestion, fertility, and elimination.  Taking time in restorative postures calms the the nervous system, enhances your mood & can reduce chronic pain.  These practices are gentle on your body & can be an important part of an overall treatment plan for many health conditions 

In this 50-hour Restorative Teacher Training Program, you will learn how to set up restorative postures for yourself & others, what poses work best for certain situations & challenges, how to use props to fully support a person’s practice at all levels & how to modify them appropriately. If your intention is to deepen your restorative practice or to teach others with more confidence, this training with give you the tools & knowledge you are looking for.


This course if made up of 2 weekends, self-practice & practicums, including: 

Experiencing a restorative practice

Concepts of restorative yoga

Restorative asanas - variations, benefits, adjustments

Props - how to use them & adaptations

Breath work & meditation

Tools for deep relaxation

Stages of savasana


Obstacles of teaching & how to overcome them (including 8 Limbs of Yoga)

Teaching etiquette & how to cultivate trust

Therapeutic applications<br />Self-practice hours (attend 4 restorative classes, offered for free as part of the program at YogaMcc).

Practicum: Final assignment (3 people, 3 issues, 3 poses & how & why you do them) 


 Must be familiar with yoga practice 

Professional Development for therapists and teachers

Open to all students wishing to deepen their understanding of rest – even those who don’t wish to teach but to explore the body and minds innate healing abilities. 

Certification Requirements

Attendance of all the live classes

Attendance of 4 Restorative Classes at YogaMCC (included in the program) with Tracy or Anne or any of YogaMcc teachers. – Must be done before certification is given.

Maintenance of a Personal Restorative Practice – document personal restorative practice (journal sheet provided)

3 Practicum final assignment (3 people, 3 issues, 3 poses for each & how & why you do them

Recommended Readings

Relax & Renew - Judith Lasater<br />Additional readings will be provided and assigned during the training.

2023 class Schedule -

, May 12th 6-9 pm, Saturday, May 13th 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Sunday, May 14th 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Friday, June 2nd 6-9 pm, Saturday, June 3rd 9:30 am - 5:30 Sunday, June 4th 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Your Teachers:

Anne Cox E-RYT 500 & Tracy Roberge RYT 500 are both Yoga Therapists, with years of experience & training. They will help you to look deeper at the use of restorative yoga practices with the aim of moving towards improved physical health and overall wellbeing.

Anne Cox E-RYT 500

Anne began her yoga journey in 1997 to manage back pain and chronic headaches. Starting with restorative yoga classes, she found that the simplest poses could be the most profound. Her philosophy comes from a place of “beginners mind," a way to be in the moment and explore for oneself how to heal in body, mind and spirit. Anne was certified as Yoga teacher in 2004 with further training with specialized instructors such as Susi Hately, Gert van Leeuwen, Richard Miller & Trevor Yelich, to name a few. Her specialty is Yoga Therapy, working with physical & emotional stresses caused by illness, injury and the pressures of everyday life. Her intention is to help inspire her students to help themselves. 

Using mindful movement, breath, sound, tuning forks and mediation, Anne helps students to uncover not only a healthy body, but find a place of peace from within. She assists her students to build strength from the inside out and release tension from the outside in, leaving with new tools to take into their daily lives. 

Tracy Roberge RYT500; Relax & Renew certified

Tracy trained with an Indian instructor while living in Asia, where the depth of her practice resonated. She completed her formal training in Malta and at the Yoga College of Canada, ultimately completing her RYT500 Yoga Therapist training. Tracy has studied with Rheumatologist Dr. Steven Edworthy, and specializes in Yoga for Arthritis, and is Relax & Renew Certified (Judith Hanson Lasater). She is also CPR and AED certified. Having Studied Yoga, Facia & the New Anatomy of the body with Tom Meyers (Anatomy Trains) and Robin Rothenberg (Essential Yoga Therapy), Tracy incorporates myofascial release into her gentle classes, and encourages students and clients to attune to their body’s messages and incorporate what they learn into their daily lives. Tracy also holds a Diet & Nutritional Advisor Diploma with Distinction and 300 Hour Meditation Certification with a focus on mindfulness and yogic meditation

Having recovered from debilitating injuries herself, Tracy teaches with a sensitivity and a keen understanding of individual needs. Her adjustments are gentle and precise, helping her students achieve the maximum benefit from their yoga practice. As a secondary healing modality, Tracy introduces Myofascial Release and Reiki when needed into her sessions.

Workshop & YTT held at

YOGA & MEDITATION CENTRE OF CALGARY   Marda Loop 2028b 33 Ave SW Calgary  

See or contact 403-251-YOGA (9642) for more information or to register.

Conscious Connected Breathwork
/Sound Therapy 
Private Sessions
Contact us directly for more details - click here

Conscious Breathwork

  Why do it & how it works.  


What does breathing well do for you?

- Detoxifies body

- Activates the lymphatic systems

- Stimulates & refreshes the internal organs with massage & cardiovascular circulation

- Helps to promote a more balanced & positive mental & emotional state.  

- Connects you to your Spiritual side, inner wisdom.  

- Increases health, energy, immune function

- Therapeutic use to help with:

Physical:  pain control, fatigue, respiratory issues, digestive conditions, headaches, asthma, apnea, infertility, birthing, PMS etc. 

Emotional:  guilt, shame, rage, anger, depression, phobia, panic attacks, low self-esteem, addictions, etc.   

All can be positively impacted by allowing the innate intelligence of our bodies to do the healing.   

NOTE: **it is not a diagnosis of an issue, but allows the client & facilitator to work together to help with any challenges in a holistic way***


Why do people stop breathing well?

- Stresses put on our system physically, mentally & emotionally due to disease, injury, trauma or lifestyle.  These breath imbalances then can cause physical imbalances, disease & even traumatic injuries.  

- When our fight or flight response is triggered, through an outside source like an accident, physical & emotional abuse, or absence of something being withheld from us.  The breath then becomes, constricted, forced or held which can then become our unconscious breath pattern.  


How does conscious, connected breathwork work?

- If you can release the trauma you will go back to a relaxed state, if not, then this fight or flight response is held in your nervous system & the breath is changed as well.  

- Changed breath helps dampen the feelings & emotional responses at the expense of life force & embodied presence.  

- Conscious breathing helps us to tap into these past held experiences & to begin process & then release them.  

- Conscious connected breathing practice helps to bring us back to a natural, unhindered breathing pattern.  

- The practice takes you through layers of stored stress & disruption in development or trauma.  Spending time in a session with invitation to stay with the connected breath, deep relaxation & awareness of felt-sense in the body can help one to move past these things.  The stories can be re-written by experiencing these past things from a conscious, aware place & change the response that happened.  


Why work with a facilitator?  

- The facilitator encourages you to move slowly & consciously into these unconscious beliefs & emotional charges so not to re-enforce the trauma, but to resolve it.  Like finding stillness in the middle of a storm, to discharge it.  

- They become a witness to help bring another perspective to help a person process their experience.  

- The client is encouraged to put voice, movement, shaking, tears, sound, (what ever feels right) to help to release pent up energy for the body to naturally self heal.  

- To help the person reduce or avoid thoughts, feeling or sensations one might divert their attention to & help them come back to the felt experience.

- To maintain a safe, space for anything to arise to help the breather to relax & let go more completely.  

- Client has the right to stop at anytime & can request if they are ok to be touched or not during the session.  

- Everything that happens in a conscious breathwork session is held in confidence so all is safe to be felt & shared as one wishes.  

During a session there is a change of vibrational energy.   Negative or energetic constrictions become drawn towards the higher positive energy that comes with the breath work.  This change in vibration improves the flow of energy, calms the mind, raises the emotional state & helps to release trauma.  All without the need  to analyze or fix anything.  In this way, conscious breath work tends to help a person move more clearly with an inner wisdom that becomes more & more conscious over time.   


Anne Cox E-RYT 500  -  Conscious Breathwork as learned in Numa Somatics Level I training with Trevor Yelich - 2017

I will be completing all 4 levels


Sessions are $100 including gst for

1.25-2 hour sessions

Sessions offered in Cochrane & Calgary 

Choose in your own home, my home studio or

YogaMcc 2028b 33 Ave SW 

Contact ACYOGA directly for more details - click here

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