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Remembering our Way to Peace

Today, on this day of remembrance, is an important time to remember to open our hearts to Love, compassion, empathy & gratitude. We live in a country that we are blessed to call our home. Many people sacrificed their lives so we could enjoy our lives in peace here in Canada. There are many parts of the world where this is not the case & many come to our country as a safe haven away from war & strife.

We can honour those that gave their lives for ours by meeting conflict through empathy instead of judgement, by seeing those that spread hate as wounded souls, that need help themselves. Don't get me wrong, those that do wrong should be made accountable for their actions, but we are all humans who want to be seen, to be happy, safe & free. We all bleed the same, no matter our gender, race or religion. If we can look at the cause behind the hatred, have a conversation with those we don't see eye to eye with, we can be part of the solution instead of the problems.

At my children's remembrance ceremony on Friday, I heard a man speak of his journey in the army over the last 30 years. He is a father of a girl that is in my son's class, that my son had a conflict with. We met with the parents to resolve it & I remember thinking, he is a hard man & that he didn't see things the way my family does. We addressed the problem our two children had had with each other & over time, they have become friends, showing the resilience that youth have. I remember leaving our meeting thinking that I didn't agree with the father's ways, that he was a very hard man that must be hard to live with. However, after hearing him speak, I see the wounding he must have gone through going to places like Iraq & Bosnia during his tours of duty. Of how as part of his job, he had to become hard & disciplined during the years of sacrifice he made to be in service to his country & now as a police officer in Canada. I see him differently now that I understand a bit more of his story. I went up to him afterwards, & shook his hand & said thank you for all you have done & for sharing your story with us all.

Creating peace begins with each one of us, taking time to see those we have conflict with from a different point of view. To see the humanity in each of us & trying our best to open our hearts to each other. I'm not that naive to think that there isn't a lot more we need to do all over the world to create peace & understanding that just being Loving & caring. But I do believe, like everything we want changed, it begins with ourself first. To start by finding peace with our own selves & then in those we come in contact with daily. If we share our humanity & see it in each other, how can we wage war on someone just like us, no matter how different they seem on the outside.

So take 2 minutes of silence at 11 am today. I encourage you to think about how you may contribute to the difficulties in the world & what can you do to change it. A couple minutes of reflection that can create change in yourself that then can be shared with the world.

In our stressful world, you need to take time for ourselves to de-stress & find peace. That is why I practice yoga in all it's aspects. It helps me to see things from a different perspective & to come back to my daily life more compassionate & empathetic.

I have a new class starting in Cochrane Dec 6. The intention was a class that parents of toddlers could take time out for themselves as their children enjoy a Music class. A 50 min class for both parent & child to learn & have fun. As parents we can teach our children what they need to make it through this world, but it is even better to show by example, by making self care a priority.

The classes can be taken seperately, but there is a big discount if both are taken as a package, only $160 inc GST for 8 weeks of Yoga for You - Music for Your Tot. If you are interested, or know of someone with a child age 3-5 that could benefit from this, please feel free to share the information with them.

For more details or to register, see below:

Life can be stressful, especially if you are raising a family. It can be hard to find time for YOU. So why not take time for your own self care as your preschooler learns & plays.

**Classes can be taken separately, or for a big discounted rate if you register both you & your child : Yoga for You - Music for Your Tot $160 including GST **

contact Anne or Chelsea directly for more information or to register.

Yoga for You (registered)

THURSDAY 9:30-10:20 am

Dec 6 - Feb 7 (NO class Dec 27 & Jan 3)

8 weeks $120 inc GST

A gentle style yoga class focused on increasing core strength while releasing stress & tensions held in the body & mind. No yoga experience necessary, just a need to take some time for you to rest, restore & rejuvenate. Props are supplied so any body can find the poses that work for them.

For Your Tot (registered)

THURSDAY 9:30-10:20 am

Dec 6 - Feb 7 (NO class Dec 27 & Jan 3)

8 weeks $104 including GST

Welcome to Music Moves, a group music class for kids!

Created for preschool children to find their passion for music through activity and involvement. An active class, thoughtfully designed by accredited music teachers to create a unique, play-based curriculum that will maximize learning and FUN and set a strong foundation for your young one’s musical future!

Curriculum includes: - musical alphabet - musical language level 1 - rhythm level 1 - dynamics level 1

- exploring emotion - gross motor skills development - team building - mindfulness and much more!!

Anne Cox E-RYT 500 - A Mom of 11 yr old twins, she knows the challenges of taking time out for yourself. Her yoga practice has helped to assist her in finding balance in a busy life. A certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, she has been practicing yoga since 1997 & teaching therapeutic focused classes since 2004. Using a model of mobility + strength = stability, along with breath & meditation techniques to destress, her teachings are accessible to all experience levels & abilities. The intention is to empower each student to learn how to move their own bodies in a way that is not forceful, but in keeping with a sense of balance & ease. Leave each class with a new sense of awareness to help stay balanced in daily life. 403-819-9790

Chelsea Thiessen - Has been teaching piano to Cochrane students for over 18 years. Royal Conservatory of Music trained, she teaches students of all ages and skill levels to reach their musical potential. Chelsea’s fun and light-hearted approach is paramount in engaging young children and growing their love for music. 403-861-5420

-- Namaste,

Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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