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How to Wake Up with Yoga

Good morning everyone!

How do you wake up in the morning? Me, I’m not your early morning type, my nature likes to stay up & sleep in. But since having kids & one of them being a very early riser, I’ve had to come up with ways to wake up in a way that make me feel grounded & to get my body & mind going. That is where bed yoga can come in.

Upon hearing my alarm, or on the days I don’t need one, waking up when my body does, I take a few minutes to stretch & move. Most days I don’t even get out of bed to do this, but just move my covers out of the way & mindfully breath & move. I even have built in props, by husbands pillows, who is an early riser, to support my body so the poses are gentle.

This way, mindfully moving & breathing, I meet the day instead of being forced into it. It doesn’t take much time, but if you have more then you can add a more traditional yoga practice in after this morning routine. See page 2 or the article below on some simple poses to do in the am.

Now, if you are having trouble getting the sleep you need, & that is why waking up is difficult (this heat wave may not be helping), then here is a simple meditation that can be done to help you fall asleep.

Instead of sitting up as the attachment below states, do this lying in bed, with the hands by your sides or resting on your belly. You can repeat the mantra in your head instead of out loud (so as not to disturb anyone that might be sleeping beside you). Start with the mudras (hand movements) & mantra, then let the mudras go & just repeat the mantra until you fall asleep. It can help calm you mind of the busyness of thoughts & take attention away from any discomfort you might find in your body.

Try this meditation tonight & let me know if you find it helpful to get a better nights rest.

So instead of going from 0 to 100 the second you wake up, take a few extra minutes to move into you day with awareness. Better yet, add a moment of mindful breathing & set an intention for your day. It could be something as simple as being more present throughout your day.

See last weeks blog: for some ideas.

So today, you can be a human being instead just a human “doing” :)


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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