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Get Into the Groove

Summer is coming to a close & Fall is just around the corner, with it all the responsibilities that come with it. It's the time of year to get back into the groove of our regular life. Before we get to caught up in all the busyness & falling back into hold habits, its a great time to start adding self care as part of our routine.

It doesn't take a lot, just a few minutes of mindful movement, meditation or breath practices to help you de-stress & become more present. Instead of thinking of self care as one more "to do" on your list, think of it as giving to yourself & in turn benefiting those around you. Next time you are at a class, pick one or two things you did (poses, breath practices, meditation techniques) & try that throughout your week. Haven't been to a class lately, then find one that works in your schedule & go. As Nike says, (love or hate them), Just Do It!

Next week I am back to my full teaching schedule again (go to for the full list). My summer holidays are done, as yours may be, & it's time to get back to it. I happen to have a job that when I leave, I tend to feel better than when I arrived. I am blessed to do what I love & to learn everyday from my students. We may not all have this, but can you find a way to be more present in all that you do? What changes can you make in what you do between your "to do's" so you don't become exhausted, overwhelmed & disconnected? Give to yourself, even just 5, 10, 15 minutes each day. Start small & let it grow naturally so if fits into you life.

I'd love to have you join me for a class or workshop, to learn some new tools to help you take care of yourself. I even have a new class that can help you to relax @ YogaMcc on Wednesday's 7-8:15 pm

Restorative Yoga: With the use of props, find poses to restore & rejuvenate the body & mind. During the class, sound, breath & meditation (such as Yoga Nidra) will be used to help you leave behind stress & strain. It's a mid week healing class that will get you to Friday with more ease & energy.

So don't wait till life gets so crazy that you feel out of control. Take control back by starting to do things that nourish you NOW.

If you were at class this week, I sang a favorite song I learned in a chant circle years ago. I think of it when the seasons are changing & it reminds me of what is behind it all, our prayers for a happy, fulfilling life.

Take a moment to focus on what you would like in your life & take the steps to begin to move towards that now. Don't wait, just step by step, make your way towards your best life.

Before the Fall the Summer

Before the Summer, Spring

Before the Sping the Winter time,

Before the Winter, sing.

Before the song the Singer,

Before the Singer, air

Before the air, creation

Before creation, prayer.


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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