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How 15 Minutes of Yoga a Day Can Make You More Productive

How can you be more productive in your yoga practice as well as your life. I use things like massage balls, foam rollers, dynamic stretching & mindful breathing to prepare the body for the asanas in a yoga practice. When you take time to release tensions that are emotional or mental that can be held in your tissues, you are able to find more ease throughout your movement & in the end you will feel more peaceful inwards as well. You get more out of what you are doing.

The other important thing is to practice, everyday. To find a way to connect to being mindful, to find quiet moments & to focus on your breath. Connecting to nature is another big way to practice. It doesn't have to be put on your yoga clothes & get on your mat, but even just sitting outside in your yard, or walking in the park, or taking a trip out to the river or the mountains can be a practice. You are connected to the energy of nature & it will feed you & inspire you.

Taking just 15 minutes every day to mindfully move, breath & focus can help to increase energy & concentration, decrease fatigue, pain & stress & make you more positive & creative. When you feel you don't have time to practice, instead think, I don't have time NOT to practice. It is this time you give yourself that will make you more productive in your life. You will get more done with less effort.

Go to a yoga class, to learn some postures, breath techniques & meditations that you can take home & practice on your own. If you take 1 or 2 things you learned in class & apply it daily, these things will become part of what you can drawn on when you need it.

Look at your day & don't try to completely change your day to fit in a practice, but see how you can fit a practice into you life as it is now. Maybe that looks like 5 minutes, 3x a day, or 15 minutes in the morning, mid day or at night before bed. If you feel you can't fit 15 minutes into your day, you may need to re-evaluate what you are doing each day. What can you take away, like watching TV, reading facebook....that can give you those 15 minutes for a yoga practice.

Making yoga part of your life shouldn't be another I have to. It should be I want to bring mindfulness into my life & soon 15 minutes will turn into more. Not because you are making yourself, but because you are enjoying the practice & it just grows. You may even notice you get more done with less effort & have even more time to enjoy life as you like. So don't start tomorrow, or next Monday, but start today to make your best life. It only takes 15 minutes.


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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