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Planting Seeds of Intention

Happy Spring! I know it doesn't look like Spring, but each day is now getting a bit more light & we are waking up from Winter's hold. This time of year holds the excitement of new beginnings & growth & the release of things we no longer need. What seeds will you plant?

We can use nature as a cue to how to create change & growth in our lives. Just like a seed holds all the possibility within it to become a plant, we have within us the possibility to become all we are meant to be. First, we need to plant the seed, or that possibility will never be seen. What is your intention you would like to plant for you practice & your life this Spring?

If all we did was plant the seed, but not tend it, not much would happen. Our intentions are like that, without action, they will not become anything.

First, connect with the earth. Just as a seed in planted in the soil, we need to feel connected to the earth in our bodies. To be present in ourselves & feel our "roots" give us strength & awareness. Once planted, we need to allow our breath to flow, like water. To give energy & movement to our intentional seeds to sprout. Now we need heat, our inner sun to shine to encourage our intentions to grow. This could be having an open heart (I like to think of this is where our "sun" shines from), or connecting to our physical core to give us the fire to keep growing.

So the 3 elements, earth, water & fire are essential not only in nature, but in ourselves. By connecting to these elements in our physical body, we create the environment for our intentions not only to be planted but to grow into our future.

Having our intentions grow is about more than just our physical practice, it is a Spiritual practice. Our thoughts & words affect how we grow as well. Many studies have been done to see if kind words, harsh words or no words spoken to a plant would change how they grow. In most cases, the kind words had the best effects. If you still don't think this is possible, see this youtube video of the work of Dr Masaru Emoto on intention on water molecules. As they say, a picture can say a thousand words.

What you choose to plant & grow, is up to you. But remember, like the seed that already has in it all that it needs to become something amazing, all you need is already within you. If your intention, for example, is to be more patient, patience is already your True Nature. All you have to do is allow this part of you to become planted in your awareness & with nurturing & attention it will GROW!

For more opportunities for growth this Spring, check out my class schedule at for the when & where you can join me for some Yoga. Or try a workshop, see below for the next offering.


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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