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Press Pause to Get MORE Done

I spoke of taking a pause during this busy time of year. A moment to breathe, do a yoga pose, just take a break from doing. Pauses are important, so you can recharge, refocus & when you get back to doing, you get more done with less effort.

I challenged everyone to take a pause when you are most busy, easier said than done. When our reaction to life is "I don't have time to.... see if this break helps to give you more time in the end.

Even take a moment to see that there are pauses between the doing parts of our breath (the exhale that helps you release tension & fatigue, & the inhale that brings in energy & oxygen). Allow the stillpoints that naturally happen between the inhale & exhale draw in your attention. These pauses will naturally grow & will allow a sense of being & stillness to connect you to the moment.

I am late in sending my weekly email, as I had a lot of sewing to do (yes, I make yoga products, go to the YogaMcc store to see what they carry of mine :) & made sure I took pauses inbetween the work. But that meant, I also needed to take a break from my blog. See the article below on ways to help you find some healthy habits that can help you get more done. Enjoy!

PS Classes run over the holidays, so take some time to come & practice together.

Classes in January start the week of January 9th....go to to check out where you can join me.


Anne Cox E-RYT 500 403-819-9790

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