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Peace, Joy & Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This holiday reminds us to be grateful for what we have in our lives. A time to take stock of all we have & spend time with those we care about. During these holidays with our family & friends, those that we have a long history with, it can also be a challenge. They tend to find our buttons & when pushed, we can react. Instead, choose to respond, by first taking a breath. Feel unconditionally what is coming up. An emotional response is happening due to some experience from our past. Can we feel & know that the feeling is neither good or bad, but a feeling we need to experience it to move through it? Even if you don't have an epiphany about things, it may help to give you pause. To see things from a different point of view & even open an opportunity for conversation, release & healing. If we can feel unconditionally, we start to have some understanding of the root cause of this emotion. The emotional charge may start to recede & we can begin to see a feeling of Peace & Joy starts to come to the surface. Peace & Joy are not something we make, or create. They are part of our True Nature. They can be found & allowed to grow in times we are still with ourselves, cultivated in meditation & when we consciously breathe. This article by Phillip Moffitt gives some insight into how we are not our worst traits, our history or thoughts. But ordinary Grace can be found by connecting to your True Nature. In these confusing & difficult time, when it feels as if Peace & Joy are eluding us, look inside & see these are not things to seek, but something we already have. By taking the time to work on our own connection, we can allow this Light to shine out in the world.

P.S. As a way to help us find that Peace & Joy within ourselves, check out an interview I did about Yoga & Body Image


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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