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How Yoga Can Help Transform Body Image: Body Positive Yoga

Body Positive Yoga Workshop:

Sunday October 21, 2017 1-4pm

@ YogaMcc 2028b 33 Ave SW

Below is a brief interview with me, Anne Cox E-RYT a Yoga Therapist, who is co-facilitating a workshop with Carol Fredrek, a Registered Psychologist in Calgary. Yoga Therapy helps people find peace within their own bodies through the use of yoga, breath work and meditation.

Body image is subjective, we all have ideas on what we feel is ideal & how we think we match up to that ideal. When we don't feel we match, we can be hard on ourselves & even abusive in an attempt to match what we think we should be. Yoga is a way to help us to find peace in our current body, and in the interview below, I discuss my perspective, how yoga has helped me with my own body image challenges, and what the intention is of the workshop.

for a transcript of this interview, go to & look for Workshop for the PDF attachment

Here is a bit more detail on the workshop at YogaMcc

Yoga is about feeling good in our bodies. There isn’t just one body shape that is right for yoga.

Body Image exists on many levels. Visual, cognitive, emotional, historical, and kinesthetic. In this class. we are going to focus on the kinesthetic level. This level allows you to have a sense of body awareness.

You are using this sense with anything that requires body movement. It is focused on the body’s internal events.

Body Image and weight obsession in our culture is rampant. About 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape.

In this workshop, you will move from Body Loathing to Body Love.

We will incorporate: • Yoga poses • EFT Tapping • Visualization • Writing

EFT Tapping can reduce the intensity of feelings that may come up as you move your body in different postures, visualize, or write. Through these practices, you will see that your body is perfect the way it is. You just have to learn to work with it, & not against it to become your best self.

Together we can learn new ways to help you change your unhealthy habits into new ways of living a healthy life. YOU are worth it!

Carol Fredrek, Registered Psychologist has been working in the areas of body image and disordered eating for over two decades. Carol has overcome her own challenges with bulimia and body image and that is why she knows you can too. She uses EFT Tapping in her work with clients and has found it to be very effective.

Anne Cox E-RYT 500 started yoga in the mid 90’s & soon realized that she did not have the typical “yoga body”. Being curvy & inflexible, it seemed yoga wasn't for her. Over time she’s learned yoga wasn’t about fitting into a mould, but using your own body to shape the poses. In the process learning to be comfortable with her own body & self image. Now a Yoga Therapist, she encourages her students to find their own way in their practice to become stronger, more flexible & to see yoga is not about our outer appearance, but about finding your own True Nature.

For an interview with Carol Fredrek,

go to

to listen to her interview on her take on body image from a Psychologists perspective.

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