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This Moment Matters

I am back from holidays, 2 1/2 weeks at the lake in Saskatchewan with my family. Lots of sun, swimming, chilling & moving. After this R&R I am glad to be teaching again. No matter how lovely it is to have a break from my “work”, I so enjoy coming back to it. My teaching is a process of my own practice & what each students teaches me. I so enjoy sharing my own perspectives on yoga & life as we work together to find present moment awareness.

Soon I will be back to teaching all my classes again & I am excited to help each of us learn to live in the NOW. In our busy culture, we tend to live in the past or the future, but to be in this moment can be hard. The moment we pause into stillness, a thought of past experiences can come in & we can get stuck in the story of it. So we come back to our breath & remind ourselves that to come back to or breath & this moment. But soon after we think this, we might begin to think about the future, “ f we do this, this will happen, but what if we do that, that will happen". We don’t mean to, but we are again disconnected from this moment. So our efforts to be in the moment, seems to go to the wayside again & again. But the point is to keep trying, to keep coming back the distractions of the past & the future.

As some of you know, I have started Level I of a 2 yr, 4 level training on Conscious Breathwork with Trevor Yelich In my own practice I was needing a way to help work though the things that arise in me when I am in the present moment. These discomforts, fears, traumas that come up when we are still. Patterns of our past that resonate into this present. As part of my studies I am reading The Presence Process By Michael Brown. He speaks of the difference between reacting & responding. Reacting is making a decision based on what we think happened yesterday & what will might happen in the future. Responding is making choices based on what is happening in this moment & drawing on the wisdom from our past experiences. We become reactive most the time because of the trauma that is inbedded in us. Our practice is to help to acknowledge what is felt & to learn the way out is through. Not to run away, or avoid, but to meet & more through in a compassionate & loving way.

So this Fall I will sharing my perspective of this journey in The Presence Process in a way that can be applied by each one of us. The first week of the practice there is a mantra that is to be used “This Moment Matters”. I look forward to helping each one of us see how much the moment we are in matters & how to be there more & more in our lives. With this we can help to integrate all of our self as a way through to our most authentic Self.

I challenge each one of us to see how this idea of being in the moment can transform our lives & the lives of those around you. Just like a waterfall that is made of drops of water, as we come together, one by one, we can affect not only ourself but the world.

If you would like to join me on this journey, here is where I am teaching this Fall:

YogaMcc 2028b 33 Ave SW for more info or to register


9:30-11am Gentle Yoga for Strength (drop-in)

12-1:30pm Customized Yoga Therapy (registered starts Sept 6)


6-7:20pm Healthy Backs Yoga (drop-in)

7:30-9pm Customized Yoga Therapy (registered starts Sept 7)


Knox United Church 506 4 St SW for more info or to register


12-1pm Lunchtime Healthy Backs Yoga (registered starts Sept 12)

Frank Wills Memorial Hall 405 1 St E Cochrane for more info or to register


1-2:15pm Core Yoga Therapy (drop-in/registered starts Sept 11)


7-8:15pm Gentle Yoga for Strength (drop-in/registered starts Sept 12)

Private Yoga Therapy in Calgary & Cochrane for more info or to register

To help deepen your practice or to address some specific challenges, private therapy can be a great resource.

Private Conscious Breathwork in Calgary & Cochrane for more info or to register

To help you to more through unhealthy patterns as a way to become more present in your life. First session is FREE

I look forward to exploring with each one of you!


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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