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Finding Balance with the Chakras

This weeks blog is going to be short & sweet, as I am off for a few days of respite with my family, to find balance after a busy week.

Balance is something we are always striving for. Instead of looking for it outside our ourselves, we should turn inwards & connect to the energy that exists within us. The body is made up of energy & there are believed to be 7 main energy centres called Chakras. Each one connects to different parts of ourselves, emotionally, physically & energetically. Our aim is to connect to what feels out of balance & through our yoga practice, meditation or breath, to allow each of these 7 Chakras to find the right balance.

How do you do this? See this article from yoga Journal on the basics of the chakra system, along with what it feels like when they are balanced or not & what poses could help us get back to balance. (One note, there are many more poses that just the one’s stated, so do what feels right for you).

Speaking of balance, today is the full moon. A few days before, we can feel a bit unbalance & even frantic (I witnessed this on the Calgary roads in the last couple of days). Here’s an article that explains it a bit more & a meditation called Kirtan Kriya or Sat Nam that can help (I have put my own version of Sat Nam instead of his, but go to to see the full article).

Happy Full Moon! I am going to teach you a very powerful full moon meditation that helps balance your emotions. It seems only right that I do since a lot of people tend to feel a bit off during this time, and I care about your well being... Did you know that the crime rate increases a couple of days before and couple of days after every full moon? (I'll tell you why in a second) And are you aware that the moon shifts the tides of the oceans? The tides are the highest during the full moon. Our bodies are composed of 75% water... How do you think the moon effects us? Well that's why I believe more crimes happen during this time. I'll tell you why... I feel that just as the ocean's tides rise we feel this internal rise in pressure too. So most people that are at a breaking point emotionally usually get pushed overboard the day before, during, and day after the full moon... Have you noticed your emotions during a full moon? I know I've felt a bit off during full moons. I am either feeling pretty spent or agitated. Also I rarely ever get headaches but if and when I do it's usually around the full moon. At least I did until I started to add this mediation to my full moon ritual. Knowledge of how the full moon affects us has been known to mystics for thousands of years. That's why many observe rituals, full moon meditations or gatherings during this time. Side note: Astrologically speaking during a full moon phase it's most beneficial to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary habits and conditions. This powerful meditation I am going to teach you comes from Kundalini Yoga lineage. I have been practicing this meditation for a bit over a decade now. This is one of my favorites meditations to teach to people... This meditation not only has the power to help balance your emotions but it also gives you the ability to positively change your habits and reduce your insecurities. It also works as a powerful cleaning agent for all our sub-conscious garbage that keeps us distracted from all the beauty and blessings in our daily lives...


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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