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Back Care with Yoga

On the May long weekend, you may have gotten up to a lot of work in the yard or just playing hard because the weather was so beautiful. This past week a lot of us, me included, needed a bit of extra help for our backs. They pay the price when we are lifting, raking, bending…. or just enjoying the outdoors in a way we haven’t for a while. So we worked on how to release our backs, hips, legs, shoulders & necks in my classes. But once we have helped work out some of that holding & tension, we need to strengthen so we can continue to do what we need & want for the future.

Here is a great article from Yoga Journal with either a 10, 20 or 30 min practice to help ease back pain. We did a lot of these poses in class this week, try them on your own (being present & without forcing) as a series, or pick a pose or two to do before or after you do your activity.

The breath, as always, will also help your back to release tension & while you are stretching & strengthening in you practice. Take some time at the end of your practice to do a lying down pose such as easy rest (knees bent, feet on the floor or legs over a bolster), legs over a chair or up the wall. All of these poses will help your back to release more completely. You can use some affirmations to help support your experience as you feel & rest in your body.

These affirmations are taken from my training on Numa Somatics a style of conscious breathwork with Trevor Yelich.

Feel the sensations (physically, mentally & emotionally) & keep breathing

Whatever is arising, let it in , allow it to come up - breathe into it

Let the breath/earth/Spirit support you.

Feel that, meet that, it is safe.

Breathe all the way into your body.

Breathe out fear & breathe in love & light.

Breathe in all the good of life.

Pick one or some of these to repeat to yourself (or make your own) bas you rest to allow the breath to support you as you rest & renew. Stay for a minimum of 5 minutes, 10-20 is even better. If you only have time for 1 pose, do this resting pose & your back will thank you for it.


Anne Cox E-RYT 500


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