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NOW - how to spend your time there.

NOW, it’s not the past, it’s not the future, it is this very moment in time. Why is it so difficult to be in the moment? Is it because when we are in the now, we have to feel ourselves? Our response often if we feel a discomfort is to go into the story why the discomfort is there, the past. Another response is how can we fix this discomfort, the future. The past is part of us, but it is over & making goals is important, but the future is undecided. All we really have is this moment & we often lose it as our mind goes to the past or future.

Our yoga practice should be about being in the NOW. We are asked to pay attention to each movement & breath. Again, it is easy to become distracted, but with practice, being in the moment happens more & more. The analogy I often give, is if you have ever sat in the presence of the mountains, of which we are so privileged to live near, & had a moment of complete peace & awe. In that moment, all is right with the world & there is no past or future, just the brilliance of that moment. That can be found anytime we like & even when what we find in that moment is difficult, there is peace in that moment too. When we are really present, we can in that moment access the place that is our True Nature, happy, healthy & whole. When we are truly in the now, that place shines through & its beauty is a brilliant as any that can be found. This way we can release the hold our past has on us & allow our future to become wide open to any possibility.

See the link to article below with a great perspective on what it means to be in the now.

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